Welcome to Laboratorio FX

Innovating Spanish company dedicated to the creation of special effects for cinema, theater, TV, publicity and leisure.

We opened our doors to offer our services to all type of companies related to the audio-visual world and leisure, being made works such as sculpture, molds and reproductions, manufacture of escenográficos elements, maquillaje FX, fictitious and everything what you need for your production, giving the best service, the best ones finished, and greater rapidity, molding us to the times of production.

¿QuÉ hacemos?

En LaboratorioFx, trabajamos, para dar servicio a productoras de publicidad, cine, televisión, teatro, productoras de eventos y parques temáticos.En definitiva, para todo cliente que precise elementos "algo especiales".

Scenery & Sets, Sculptures, Makeup FX, Props, models & body parts, Special effects, Atrezzo, Video